Thursday, February 18, 2010

How faint of a plus sign on the Clear Blue Easy pregnancy test indicates a positive result?

I just took one and there is a very very faint plus but a harsh minus will it be a total minus if negative or will there always be a faint line for the plus sign?How faint of a plus sign on the Clear Blue Easy pregnancy test indicates a positive result?
I've taken many pregnancy tests with a negative result since my husband and I tried to conceive our son for two and a half years.

When a negative result ';pee on stick'; test strip is wet it does allow you to see the line ever so slightly if you look hard enough...because the wetness has made the fibers more transparent.

So seeing a very very faint plus doesn't necessarily mean anything. Like others have suggested, pee on the stick in the morning when you first get up.....or wait a few days and try again.

Hope you are successful!How faint of a plus sign on the Clear Blue Easy pregnancy test indicates a positive result?
Go to

It has alot of good information about specific pregnancy tests. Some on the +/- tests are giving false positives - not sure if the brand you are using is included.
do it in the am thats when your urin has more of whats needed to make the test really work
I had a very faint line with my son, I hope that you get the result that you want.
If it is positive the plus sign will be definite.If there is a faint plus,it could be too early to tell.Wait a week or so and take another one.
Any line no matter how faint is considered a positive result. Just to be sure though, you should retest using first morning urine as it contains the highest concentration of HcG, the pregnancy hormone. Or you could skip this step and go to your doctor's office for a blood test. Best wishes!
I asked the same Q last week. I got the response that a line is a line and the line only appears if the pregnancy hormone is there. Turns out, I was pregnant, but unfortunately, I lost the baby a few days later. Good luck to you
a second line or a ';plus'; in this case means that it has detected the hCG hormone and your body won't produce hCG unless you're pregnant, it's suggested to test first thing in the morning b/c the concentration of hcG in your urine will be higher

testing with a digital test might not necessarily be better because it won't necessarily read ';pregnant'; unless it reads enough of the hormone (as in your current situation, a digital test would probably have read ';not pregnant'; even though you can see the faint positive ';plus'; sign) - you can take the stick out and look at the lines yourself after reading the result, but then what's the point of a digital test?
If there is any faint line..then yes you are pregnant
If you are picking up even a faint line, then the test is picking up HCG in your urine-the pregnancy hormone. If you decide to try again, get the EPT or one of the new digital tests that will read 'pregnant' or 'not pregnant'. Good luck!
i agree with then last answer you can see a very very faint line even when the test is negative. get the ept test as said above.... then there is no confusion good luck!!!
If you can see any indication of a line, you are probably pregnant. Congrats! Take another test in a few days to be sure, though.
well on my first baby i took a dollar tree pregnacy test and i saw a faint line, so i went and got a test that says pregnant or not pregnant, and i was so i recommend one of those.i mean i was looking hard to see that line everybody else said i doin't see a line,but i new i saw one, my sister said it's just because you want a baby so bad, your just seeing things, but i was right,

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